Hole #4.JPG

Hole 4- PAR 5

This is a three shot hole. Its only 230 yards to the first water hazard. You then need to carry it another 100 yards to setup a good third shot into the green. Avoid the large front bunker guarding any short shots on your approach.


BLACK: 458 BLUE: 444 GREY: 437 GOLD: 412 RED: 409 GREEN: 348


MEN: 5    WOMEN: 1

Hole #5 + Water.JPG

Hole 5- PAR 3

This is the first of five par 3's on the course. This green is guarded by two large bunkers and out of bounds on both sides. Club selection is crucial on this par 3.


BLACK: 180 BLUE: 160 GREY: 143 GOLD: 126 RED: 119 GREEN: 119


MEN:11    WOMEN: 15

Hole #6 Green.JPG

Hole 6- PAR 4

You need to avoid the out of bounds right, and three fairway bunkers on the left. Green is guarded by a large front bunker.


BLACK: 309 BLUE: 309 GREY: 288 GOLD: 265 RED: 260 GREEN: 260


MEN:17    WOMEN: 11