Clubhouse Policies


Our policies

  • The Clubhouse is open when the Golf Shop is open.

  • Metal spikes are not permitted – golf shoes with soft spikes may be worn.

  • Men are not permitted to wear hats in the dining room.

  • Dining room operating hours will be established by the General Manager.

  • If the golf course is closed due to inclement weather, the dining room will be open for lunch until 2:30 p.m.  

  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the club house.

  • When a function is sponsored by two or more individuals, only one sponsor is
    required to be a member of the Club.

  • A voluntary gratuity, as determined by the Board of Directors, will be added to each check in the dining room. However, members have the right to increase, decrease, or eliminate the charge.  These charges, together with taxes and other costs, are debited to a member’s account on a monthly basis.

  • All special events held at the Club in which cash and cash tickets are involved, will be under the control of the General Manager who will issue all necessary instructions prior to the event.

  • All costs in connection with a private party may be credited toward the sponsoring member’s dining room minimum requirement.

  • No kitchen equipment, supplies, maintenance or repair items are to be removed from the Club premises for personal use.

  • Members who have constructive criticisms or suggestions should present them in writing to the General Manager or proper officer or committee chairman. (Please refrain from complaining directly to an employee.)

  • Proper golf attire is required at all times (mesh shirts, tank tops, gym shorts, short shorts or cut-offs are not permitted).  Members and guests are permitted to wear jeans of various colors (black, blue, red, green, tan, etc.) of acceptable appearance in the clubhouse.  Not acceptable are jeans that have tears, holes, are faded or dirty, jean shorts and cut-off jeans.  If one has to question whether a particular pair of jeans is acceptable, then they are probably not.  Jeans, jean shorts and cut-off jeans are not permitted on the golf course.